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Delivering Quantum Resilient Entropy with high-performance, enterprise-grade APIs.

Fully Proprietary Entropy as a Service (EaaS)

QSE has developed a fully proprietary Quantum Entropy Delivery system that allows  customers to generate and use quantum resilient entropy directly from our specialized NIST certified hardware using standard REST-APIs. Fast and easy, no investment in, or changes needed to your existing infrastructure. We simply provide you with TRUE & PROVABLE entropy to ensure your system is quantum resilient.  No Rip & Replace!

Fully Proprietary Quantum Proof Cloud Storage

Introducing QSE’s breakthrough “Quantum-Proof Cloud Storage” — the ultimate safeguard for your data in the quantum age. Just like Google Drive or iCloud, but fortified with quantum-resilient encryption. Our proprietary system ensures your data remains impervious to emerging quantum threats. No need to overhaul your infrastructure — seamless integration and peace of mind, guaranteed. Protect your data without compromise with QSE’s Quantum-Proof Cloud Storage.

$0 Pay monthly
  • 1,000 Entropy Calls
  • 1 gig Quantum Storage
$19.99 Pay monthly
  • 10,000 Entropy Calls
  • 1,000 gig Quantum Storage

*additional entropy api calls billed at just $0.001 per call

$99.99* Pay monthly
  • 100,000 Entropy Calls
  • 100,000 gig Quantum Storage
Certifications & Standards

Meeting all requirements of NIST SP 800-90A, 90B and 90C (draft).

Bulletproof Data Protection:
Trust QSE’s Quantum-Proof Cloud Storage for Total Security
16M+ transactions secured
Military Grade,
Defense Tech
No New
Infrastructure Needed

Stay Ahead of the Quantum Curve: Harness True Entropy with QSE's Revolutionary Solutions